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Code of Conduct

Rules and responsibilities of proper practice for CATO members:

» Each member is committed to provide tourists with best possible services.

» Services should be rendered so as to enhance the goodwill and intent of CATO

» Every member is in essence an ambassador for CATO. Hence they are expected to conduct business with the ideal of integrity taken precedence over all other interests

» A CATO member should always adhere to the Code of Conduct and thereby set standards for quality, responsibility and professionalism

» Complaints arising shall be filed in writing and addressed by the CATO executive committee

» Complaints arising shall be filed in writing and addressed by the CATO executive committee

  • I)   treat others as they would treat themselves.
  • II)   stay courteous to fellow members, clients, employees, employers and general public, and serve them honestly.
  • III)   respect the rights of their clients
  • IV)   recognize profitability not only as a right, but also an obligation to enhance the quality of their service and thereby ensure the continuity of business in travel trade.
  • V)   constantly strive to make their service good value for money.
  • VI)   understand that best practice is complete only when employees are given fair wages, steady employment, education, and practical training on business ethics and career opportunities.
  • VII)   understand that business policies and social responsibility must go hand in hand, and that mutual satisfaction must be the aim of any business association
  • VIII)   report any violation in the code of conduct to CATO executive committee

Qualities a CATO member should uphold

Accuracy-- The information provided by a member regarding their service should be factual and accurate

Transparency— Any and all details regarding the service provided; including cost, restriction, terms and conditions, cancellation, service fee, duration of service, nature of any sales or service presentation the customer will be required to attend in connection with their travel arrangement, etc. shall be provided in writing, upon written request, before accepting payment

Responsiveness— Complaints and grievance shall be readily responded to

Promptness in refunding— Refunds due shall be cleared within the specified time limit. If delayed, proper explanation shall be given to the claimant

Cooperation— Members shall cooperate with the organization especially in settling disputes involving clients

Confidentiality— Client transactions should be handled with utmost confidentiality and shall not be disclosed unless with the client’s permission or insisted by law

Compliance— Members shall under no circumstances defy central, state and local laws. Pleas of nolo contend ere, consent judgements, judicial or administrative decrees, or orders, and assurances of voluntary compliance and similar agreements with central or state authorities shall be deemed convictions for purposes of those provisions

Relationship Amongst Members

No member shall obtain information via proposals or plans from a fellow member with the intent of misusing it for one’s own advantage or using it in such a way that it affects the business of the fellow member or the company from which it was obtained

Complimentary services like a visit to a destination should be utilized only for the purpose of inspection with the interest of doing business with that supplier, at that destination

Confidential information or intellectual property from one’s competition(s)/current or former employee(s) shall not be used without giving them proper courtesy

Confidential information or intellectual property shall not be passed on to the competitors of one’s supplier

No member shall purposefully make demeaning or misleading remarks orimpressions about competitions/fellow members or their services

Clients shall be thoroughly and genuinely informed about the requested service and the service provider’s ability to deliver it

Sensitive information about any business agreement should be kept confidential

Signed contracts as well as written or verbal commitments shall be honoured in both letter and spirit


Pledge of Professional Conduct